Transfer Your Data

If you are a student that is graduating or a staff member that is leaving the district please take a moment to go through the steps below if you have any information you would like to download before you leave. Staff members accounts will be suspended at the end of your last contracted day. Students that graduate will have their accounts suspended at the end of June of their graduating year. Students that transfer out of the district will have their accounts suspended when they are officially transferred out fo the district.

How to Transfer Your Email
There is no easy way to transfer your email and the only real option is any emails you really want to keep, forward them to your personal email account.

Downloading Documents from Google Drive/Photos
If you have files in your Google Drive or photos in Google Photos there is a very easy tool for downloading all of it. Go to, make sure you are logged in with your school account. At the top click the blue link that says Deselect All, then scroll down to Drive and tick the box, if you have photos scroll down to Google Photos and tick the box, then scroll to the bottom and click the blue Next Step button and follow the steps. If you have a lot of information it could take a few hours and it will send you an email when it is done, otherwise give it a few and it will give you a file you can download. Move that file to your new computer, double click on it, and inside that zip file will be all of your documents and photos.

Staff that have Documents on your Laptop
There are two ways to transfer documents and photos that are on your school issued laptop. The first is you can create or sign in to your personal Google Account, go to Drive, and you can upload everything to your personal Google account. The second option is to use a USB stick or external hard drive, connect it to the laptop and copy everything to it. When your laptop is turned in it will be formatted so everything on it will be completely erased with no chance of recovery.