Requirements to Enroll

  • Immunization Record

The revised Maine State Law requires the following immunizations:

  • 5 DPT
  • 4 IPV
  • 2 MMR
  • 1-2 Varicella (Students under age 13 need only 1 dose, age 13 and over require 2 doses given 4 to 8 weeks apart.)
  • 3 Hep B (Strongly Recommended)

Please review your child’s immunization records as soon as possible. If your child does not meet the above requirements, please contact your family physician to get the immunizations.

  • Physical Exam

MSAD #42 also requires a physical exam within the past year for a student to enter school.  I have attached a blank physical exam form for your health care provider to complete.

  • Birth Certificate

You will also be required to bring your child’s birth certificate to registration.

  • Legal Guardian

Please present proof of legal guardianship if other than indicated on birth certificate.