Online Safety & Parent Resources

Students safety online is our number one priority in regards to technolgoy usage. We have a number of tools in place to protect students while they navigate the online world. We employ a filtering system that monitors internet activity, blocks innapropriate websites, and logs all activity on the network. The one thing to understand is that with all the technology that exists there is no way to 100% block all innaproriate content, the only way to do so is by not allowing anyone online. This is also something for parents to remember at home, when a child is using a computer it should be in a high traffic area that is very visible to adults.

With the right structure in place at school and at home technology can be a wonderful and powerful tool to enhance your childs education.

If you would like to discuss any of the information below or need help in working through how to protect your son/daughter in regards to technology please don’t hesitate in contacting Mr. Metzler. He would be more then happy to help you bring together tools in your home to help provide a safe environment.

Here are some great resources for parents!

The 10 Commandments for Kids Online – this is a contract that your son/daughter can sign and is between parent and child in regards to their online activity. for Parents – A huge resource for parents covering just about every aspect of tehcnology useage with tips and advice.

Common Sense Media – This is another large resource with a wealth of information. The link here takes you directly to the section on Privacy and Internet Safety but there is a lot more information throughout the site.

OpenDNS – Free at home web filtering for all of your devices.

K9 Web Protection – A free internet filter and parental control software that can be installed on a Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android device.

Additional Resources – A great web page linking to many great articles and files about online safety.