Medication & Procedures Form

It is the general policy of MSAD #42 to discourage the dispensing of medication on school premises.  Whenever possible, the schedule of drug administration should be altered to allow a student to receive all prescribed doses at home.  In the event that your child needs medication in school to maintain his/her health and attendance in school, medication will be administered according to established procedures.

If your child needs medication or health procedures at school:A medication administration form must be completed by a parent (and health care provider for self-administered medication) for the school nurse/principal’s designee to safely administer and monitor the use of both over-the-counter and prescription medications at school.  We ask that all parents or guardians become familiar with MSAD #42’s policies and procedures with regard to medication administration at school.

You must submit a written order from the student’s health care provider which must include: student’s name, name of medication, dose, route of administration and intervals for administration.  You must bring the medication in the original bottle; it must have a CURRENT prescription label.  Upon request, the pharmacist will label an extra medication bottle for school.

Important documents include:
Medication Administration Form