Guidance Office

Mrs. Sadie J. Shaw
Director of Guidance
Fax # 207-429-8460

Would you go against the crowd to do what is right?

The purpose of the guidance program is to help each student achieve his/her potential academically, personally, and socially. In the guidance office we work to achieve this in several ways:

A. By helping students feel at home in our school.

B. By holding individual conferences whenever a student, teacher, or the counselor deems necessary.

C. By providing support and information regarding testing, academics, and curriculum.

D. Helping students to develop goals and ideas surrounding career exploration and post-secondary education.

Student Assitance Team (SAT)

The Central Aroostook High School Assistance Team is a group of concerned educators who will assist any student having difficulty making appropriate choices in a challenging society. The team assists through individual assessments, case plan development, intervention and coordination of services.

The Student Assitance Team accepts referrals from teachers, parents, students, and others. We identify the problems causing a disruption in a student’s life and use a process to develop positive options. Follow-up is an important part of our commitment to students.

For more information on SAT please contact the guidance office.

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