E-Books/Audiobooks Resources

Sora offers “Millions of ebooks and audiobooks for your students. Thousands of publishers. Comes loaded with hundreds of premium titles at no cost. Infinite reading possibilities on practically any device.”

Free e-books and audiobooks! 
Upper Elementary/JH/HS:
Remember, CloudLibrary is available. If you don’t remember how to access it, this is a great tutorial. If you forgot your library card number, email me, and I will get it to you! Parents/Guardians: Please note this is open to both public and school libraries, and the content ranges from young readers to adult readers. You may want to work together to choose books!

EPIC! is also opening its platform, and this is a great resource for books! If you want to get your child connected to books this way, please email me for instructions and a login code. You may already have one from your child’s teacher or be able to get one from the teacher.