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We know the links for accessing the elementary and Jr./Sr. High School Haikulearning pages has been a little confusing due to terminology. To help make finding where you need to go easier the links on the top of the website have been updated. If you are looking to access HaikuLearning for your student that is in elementary school, click on Elementary HaikuLearning and then click on the name of your students teacher. There is no password needed to view the elementary HaikuLearning Pages.

To view your students classes in the Jr./Sr. High School there is a login required. Click on Jr./Sr. High HaikuLogin and then use your students school email account to login using the left hand side login. If you would like your own login contact and a login can be created. If you are using the created login use the login box on the right hand side to login and view your students classes. If you have any questions or issues don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Metzler. We are hoping this clears up some confusion and makes information easier to find!