On this page you will find links to the elementary teachers Haiku Learning pages. Students and parents at Fort Street do not need a login to view a classroom page.

Fort Street Teacher Pages

Miss. Clair – pre-K

Mrs. Grass – Kindergarten

Mrs. Lunn – Grade 1

Mrs. Kinney – Grade 1

Mrs. Clockedile – Grade 2

Mrs. Johnson – Grade 2

Mrs. Bradbury – Grade 3

Mrs. Couture – Grade 3

Mrs. Pryor – Grade 4

Mrs. Garrison – Grade 4

Mrs. Lagasse Grade 5 Science & Social Studies
Mrs. Lagasse Grade 6 Science & Social Studies

Mrs. Lento – Grade 5 Math

Mrs. Lento – Grade 6 Math

Mr. Boudreau – Grade 5/6 Writing

Mrs. Thomas – Grade 5/6 Reading

Mrs. Pangburn – Physical Education

Mrs. Jackins – Elementary Art

Mr. Cottle – Music

Mr. Metzler – Band

Jr./Sr. High School Haiku Access

If you are a parent or guardian needing to access your students classes you can either get your childs login information or contact Mr. Metzler at ametzler@sad42.us to be given the information to setup a free parent account.