Welcome to M.S.A.D. #42’s homepage. Here you will find a variety of resources related to our schools, programs, and upcoming events. We hope you experience a sense of excitement and appreciation as you explore the wonderful things that our schools are doing for students and for the community.

We have a dedicated group of teachers, administrators, and support staff that work diligently to help students excel academically, while becoming confident, self-reliant young adults.M.S.A.D. #42 is located in Aroostook County Maine, which is approximately 20 minutes south of Presque Isle. The district serves the towns of Mars Hill and Blaine, with tuitioned students from Bridgewater and E Plantation.


Panthers school song, Go Panthers!

We’re loyal, forever, to Central Aroostook High.
With the banner of blue and white, waving in the sky for Panthers.
We’re singing, we’re cheering, victory is our cry.
So, go Panthers, go, fight, win, for Central Aroostook High.
Rah! Rah! Rah!